My work explores the relationship between the external reality and my subconscious, psyche. I aim to create synthetic landscapes that have an ethereal wonder.         Executing this through my emotive response to the landscape, where the place, subject matter and moment in time are captured.         I aim to let my paintings act as a kind of interface and link the actual place with my own internal emotions.

Using visions absorbed by my surroundings, I extract fragments of the environment, snapshots of everyday life, combining organic and the manmade through a blend of abstraction, figuration and space, to produce synthetic landscapes. I am drawn to the atmosphere of the place, particularly; nature, the organic and light. The effect that daylight, sunshine, night and artificial lighting has and the ambience they produce on their surroundings. What happens when natural meets manmade? What contrasts can be seen?         Hard-edged manmade objects juxtaposed with soft organic surface that invite the viewer to question different ways of looking.

My approach can be spontaneous, letting the figurative elements disperse into abstraction reinforces the relationship between the real and the imagined, reflecting the way I experience the world.  In allowing the process of painting to develop instinctively, by combining both the deliberate and the element of chance, permitting the paintings to take on a life of their own.  The synthesis of these contrasting elements, moving between abstraction and the real, together with my emotional response results in the ultimate vista.