Midsomer Arts Festival 2016

Children’s workshop paper flowers


My Petal for the 2nd Midsomer Arts Festival.

The 2nd Midsomer Arts Festival – I couldn’t decide whether to paint or use textiles to embellish my wooden petal.  In the end I opted to do a bit of both, combining textiles with both fabric and acrylic paint.

Inspired by the theme of flowers, I dug out an old photograph of foxgloves.  I cut out shapes roughly based on my initial sketch.


Layering up translucent organza


Using free style embroidery, I attached the layers of organza to represent the bell shape flowers of Foxgloves.


Using Merino wool I added even more detail to the petal with needle felting.  Both fabric and acrylic paint were used to accentuate even more detail.  The image started to gain a lot more depth.


Contrast of colour/fabric/stitch.


Further embellishing using embroidered French Knots, I added detail to the Foxgloves.  This gave some contrast to the soft palette of pastel colours.