Organic Circles

I have been working on some new textile art ready for the Cam Valley Spring Sale.  Really enjoyed combining painting with freestyle machine and hand embroidery.  With a starting point of a circle, these piece have evolved organically using nature to inform their progression.


Organic Circle 4

Organic Circle 2
DSCF1255 - Copy (2)
French knot close up

This piece combines merino wool, textiles and embroidery.

Organic Circle.jpg
Organic Circle


Organic Circle 3



Come and see these pieces and more at Cam Valley Spring Sale. #camvalleyartstrail



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Jane Woodman BA (Hons) Fine Art - Painting I am inspired by nature, photographing and sketching, I develop these images into Abstract Paintings and Textile Art. My approach can be spontaneous, letting the figurative elements disperse into abstraction reinforces the relationship between the real and the imagined. In allowing the process of painting to develop instinctively, by combining both the deliberate and the element of chance, permitting the works to take on a life of their own. The synthesis of these contrasting elements, moving between abstraction and the real, together with my emotional response results in the ultimate vista. My most recent work has combined both painting and textiles to produce mixed media images, that I am continuing to develop further.

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